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Ordering a Bus from ITRANSFER is Always Comfort and Confidence

The company offers buses of different capacity. Today comfortable buses such as Neoplan and Mercedes Benz 0350 are available for rent; they can accommodate about 50 people in contrast to minibuses with capacity of 21 people maximum. It is convenient and advantageous for large groups traveling in the same direction.


Modern passenger buses can boast not only soft seats, but also a whole set of modern services that will make the trip even easier and more pleasant. TV, air conditioning, WC, Wi-Fi-access – this all makes transfer by our company perfectly comfortable and cozy.


If you need a capacious, fashionable and convenient vehicle to overcome long distances, its purchase is not necessary. Rent a bus from the company ITRANSFER; this is an optimal solution for any life occasion. The client and his companions will get from point “A” to point “B” with maximum comfort and safety.

Why is it advantageous to order a bus rental from the ITRANSFER?

  • Bus rental has a bargain price, which makes it possible to save on a trip around the city and it is more advantageous than maintenance of your own bus.
  • Safety guarantee – reputation and pride of the company is in experience of our drivers, who protect and guarantee peaceful traveling through streets of a city and arriving to any place in Ukraine at the appointed time. Pick aback of drivers there is large number of positive trips and all necessary licenses with registration papers.
  • Comfort is a part of service without which no transfer company will manage. Each bus is equipped with soft and comfortable seats as well as necessary set of gadgets with which your trip will be easy and comfortable.
  • And, of course, professional service and advice. This means that the company’s employees are polite, experienced and always ready to answer all your questions.


The company’s website provides you with an option to choose among comfortable modern buses, which you can rent by calling +38 098 810 90 90. Managers will inform you in detail about all conditions of bus rental and other beneficial opportunities that can turn your trip into a true passenger pleasure. Such comfortable passenger transportation at a reasonable cost will open beauties of Kiev in front of all. You will be delivered to a station or to an airport timely.


Please remember! You pay for rental only, while thanks to the company ITRANSFER you get joy and pleasure from a quality transfer for free! Trust our managers and drivers, and unnecessary road trouble will disappear against the background of ease and pleasure. Security is what the company ITRANSFER is. Hundreds of happy passengers have already entrusted their trips to us. Just one call at +38 098 810 90 90 – and the European level service from the ITRANSFER is there for you.



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